Vulnerability and our Power

Early in Febuary while out on my beloved bicycle I hit some black ice and came off breaking my shoulder and upper arm! Ouch! I was very happy on this day till then and recall thinking about plans for the weekend just before this happened,then suddenly my encounter with nature takes me in a different direction! I was out on the back roads with no phone and no car seen for 30mins or so, it was cold i was in agony and in trouble, the thought came to breathe and call to spirit, i also thought with the shock, cold and remote location maybe this is it?
Within 5mins a car pulled up and out stepped a retired doctor, the begining of outstanding care and support across the board from our NHS! What a blessing to live in a country such as Scotland that has this service. So apart from times in hospital for treatment and my operation I have been recovering at home as my usual routine is completly changed, it has been a time to recover, of rest, connection and reflection, this rare space the accident has given me I have been able to turn into a oppurtuinity. In this time I have become acutly aware of how vunerable life can be but also where my power is as well. these two play out daily and it has taken this event to help me see this so very clearly.
To accept the situation, to receive the generous help offered, to do the things i can do-what an achivment to feed the cat in week one and put my socks on myself this became my progress markers- to say thank you and acknolwedge help given, to use the time as a oppurtunity adapting to new ways turning a challenge into a learning experience in all ways and levels and to meet life in a deeper way with both my vunerability and to claim my power too. With the slowing down of life I have felt real joy in simple things the play of the cat we live with or looking intently at the buds on the newly planted willow or the birds in the garden. I also have given space for my fears and despair that i have been with at times to wash through me.
I am recovering well doing my exercises for physio, the NHS were incredible across all areas and i made a point to thank them, friends and colleagues have shown love and kindness in so many ways supporting me through, the land i can now walk upon holds me and i am inspired by the awakening of spring and spirit guides me in my questions and a new vision is forming. My power has been in how i respond to this challenge with help love and support a setback becomes a oppurtunity and blessing that one day once integrated can become a offering to another. I will be able and well to offer individual healing sessions via Skype from Monday 30th contact me for booking. I also am offering free group distant “gatherings” email me to join and I will send you details currently by email and currently learning to step into the world of technology for the future! This seems important to keep a sense of meaningful connection at this time and as we know when we work together the power is amplified.

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