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Home Study Course

Communion with trees is a 9 Lesson course with the aim to deepen our connection, awareness and relationship in a supportive and effective way with trees, both physically and spiritually. The Home study course follows the rhythm in the attended workshops that began in 2018 though offers the opportunity to study at your own pace at home.

A journey with the trees is a journey with ourselves, the trees offering us a wise and strong support, they will become a companion and guide for us clearing a path to deepen within the temple of nature bringing greater well being for ourselves.

To our ancestors, Trees were sacred, we draw on this traditional wisdom and animism as a way of relating. The focus though of the course is your own personal journey with the trees. The practices encourage your own relationship and communion with the trees and how you can integrate the learning and experiences to support your own life. As we continue on the way, each tree offers a opening inside ourselves as well as out on the land supporting and inviting us to a deeper possibility of self and nature as one, the trees generously act as a gateway to this.

We begin with a overview in how we will be working with the trees in the course and sets down the roots of our journey with traditional knowledge, practical and creative tasks, ritual and ceremony all to support your journey.

We then work with the essence, inspiration and healing from the following trees Oak, Hawthorn, Rowan, Scots Pine, Hazel, Birch, Willow Elder and Yew. If these particular trees are not on the land where you live I can offer support to find a way to open to communion with the trees that you share your life with.

You may want to keep a journal of your experiences and encounters and once the module is complete to send me a summary. I will read through and then after each completed module we can arrange to have a Skype/Zoom meeting where I will offer supportive comments and feedback, suggestions and knowledge gained from my own journey with the trees. This will support the integration and practice and how to apply your new awareness into your everyday life.

Cost of the full course is £490 please pay with cheque or PayPal and includes a 25% donation to a charity that plants trees. For booking please contact me and also if you have any questions before entering the forest that awaits us.

The course material is offered through recordings on MP3 so playable on a computer with practices and suggestion to deepen and open your own communion with trees.