Me and Why I do this work?

“With practice and dedication shamanism opens a new yet old relationship with life inviting a way of being that honours the sacred and holds respect of all life helping us to see the reality of the cause of pain in the world while allowing us to see the beauty and feel the joy too” Brian Anderson

I remember my first encounter with shamanic healing – as I lay there I opened my eyes and for a moment in the candle light seeing the practitioner drumming and singing, it all felt very familiar to me and I thought this is my way I felt at home, from that moment I liked shamanism and shamanism seemed to like me.

The resulting changes that occurred after that inspired me to train in these ways and I have worked with individuals since 2004 and groups since 2008. In my own life shamanism is very much a practical support for me – now when I am challenged I can turn to shamanic methods that bring a different perspective with compassion as to what is going on and how to find practical ways to move forward.

In my own life I have experienced a number of traumatic and distressing events which have impacted my life greatly and are the reason I came to a healing path. I needed it seems to expereince such a disconnection in order to seek such a deep re-connection that shamanism offers – I really needed relief from my distress and my own awakening occurred in 1999 as so begun my own conscious healing path.

As a result of my ongoing healing process these events no longer hold such power over me. Shamanism has been the catalyst to let go of these experiences and find a inner strength and flow with life. With the support and wisdom of spirit in a helping partnership I have been able out of this to shape a life that works for me and transform my wounds into a way that can serve life.

Nature has always been a immense support for me as a child it was the place I want to be as it still is very much today. When my own healing process began the call from the natural world came and so much healing and insight has come to me simply by deepening my connection with the land in physical and spiritual ways. My own shamanism is rooted in natural cycles both our own and the natural worlds.

I am a qualified counselor graduating after four years training from the University of West of England in 2006. I have worked in this way as well as a trainer and group facilitator for over 15 years. Mainly in education and health care settings, alongside the NHS as well as in restorative justice with our young people. While I no longer work in this way I uphold the ethics of the profession in my work currently. I also am a Tarot Therapist and details of my work with this can be found on my website (

Meeting Shamanism changed the course of my life and brought a deep connection and acceptance of both my gifts and my shadow. The integration of these has brought peace creativity and joy and where once the traumatic events of my life pulled me down they now serve the work I offer.

I believe shamanism offers a new hope and vision for individuals as well as our society as a whole. I am inspired by the courage of people that come as they heal from there own challenges and I love to lead workshops showing students the possibilities that await as we learn to safely and effectively navigate the world of spirit.

I have a daily practice that includes prayer and meditation, shamanic work, walking with nature, exercise and yoga and divination. I practice Ahimsa (the way of non-harm) as well as my creative practices with writing and music. I play the guitar, recorder and am learning keyboards.

I am a word smith and have been published with articles on shamanism, animism and nature based topics in Indie shaman as well as other magazines and blogs. Currently I am learning exploring and researching the traditional healing ways of our land here in Scotland and see how these are effective for modern times.

I am learning in such a transient world to put roots and connect and build a sacred relationship with the land you live on has great benefit for human beings and all that live on that land also. As part of this I am a trustee of a bio-dynamic garden and involved in local conservation and re-wilding projects.

In offering myself as a shamanic practitioner I feel its important you have a sense of who I am and why I do this and hope these words meet this for you and may all blessings be yours, I wish you well in your life’s journey.