A regular and varied list of workshops run throughout the year to support you in your life and spiritual journey. Some are purely shamanic based other workshops will support someone with an interest in nature-based spirituality.


An Introduction to Shamanism as practical support for life.

Saturday/Sunday 24th/25th September 2022 10am/5pm each day. This will be an Online Workshop over both days. I look forward to welcome you to this opening to your shamanic path. Cost for full workshop £90 deposit of £45 asked for on booking.

“The shaman works by asking for help from the spirits to assist with a issue or problem, they then bring this information back and then do something with it!”

This for me captures what shamanism is about and the shamanic journey is one of the methods that the shaman travels in the world of spirit to meet this. Working with the shamanic journey is a safe, time tested and effective way to support and grow our lives.

Over our time together you will gain a practical, working knowledge and experience of the shamanic journey helping to start to build or deepen partnerships with your own helping spirits for healing guidance and problem solving.

The weekend includes, Upper and Lower world Journeys, asking questions of the spirits and learning how to understand the answers given, working with sacred shamanic tools, ethics of journeying and working in ceremony, living with shamanism as a way of life, working with our personal power and working within nature.

At the end of the weekend you will have clarity in the method of the journey and developing confidence to bring this as a practical spiritual support for your everyday life to work with and practice as you wish.


Friday 28th , Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th October 2022 10am to 5pm each day.

Our physical death is an inevitable as well as natural part of our life’s process and yet can be a source of pain, fear and become a block to living. The aim of this three day workshop is to unlock a deeper understanding of our own death then finding peace with this fact it can then help us to live in a richer, dynamic and creative way.

Coming together at this time of Samhain, where in the Celtic tradition we honour our ancestors, brings a opportunity to explore with others in a safe, respectful and held way our relationship with one of the few things we can be certain of, that we will die.

What has shaped our relationship with death? What do we believe about they dying process and what happens when we die? what part does my relationship with death play in me fully living life?and what awaits beyond death?  These are some of the questions we will be exploring.

Over the three days we will work as a group and on our own with creative tasks, meditations and shamanic journeys, sharing circles, ceremony and time out on the land. This process works to bring us closer to our own defined relationship with our death  then we can explore ways that this acceptance can serve and support our life.

I have had a very present and strong relationship with death from a early age and am delighted to offer this time to share my learning and listen to your experiences and understanding so together we can move towards a life enhancing encounter and initiation with our death, all are welcome regardless of background and beliefs.

Cost for three days £180 including a vegan lunch on each day please contact to book your place or with any questions. A deposit of £60 is required with booking to secure your place.


Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th January 2023 10am to 5pm each day cost for workshop £130 including vegan lunch.

Money is a powerful force in the world and our relationship with it can be our jailer or it can also offer us great freedom. This freedom comes If we can shift our perception to one where we work with the energy of money and allow it to flow through us as a sacred companion and support in our lives.

This two day workshops opens us to begin this shift in healing and empowering our money story be that ancestral or personal. We will open to move beyond the fear many of us hold into a mutual partnership with money as a supportive energy. This new story is one where we can connect, heal, collaborate and claim freedom in this area. This process will empower so many other aspects of our lives.

As we make peace and make friends with money we can claim a deeper personal sovereignty allowing us to create a life that has personal meaning and comes from a deep and authentic place that offers integrity within ourselves.

For booking please send a deposit of £65 to secure your place the remaining balance can be paid on the day of the workshop. Full details will be sent to you on booking.



I will be announcing dates for this three weekend workshop over the next weeks.

Meeting the Land as Sacred is a journey of re-connection to the land we live and walk upon. The land holds a deep wisdom much needed in the modern world as we move from seeing the land as a resource to one of sacred encounter.

This wisdom and sacred encounter can be met and unlocked if we engage with the land with respect and commitment as we become part of the story of the land where we are. The land which is part of the earth and this evolving sacred relationship is the one that nourishes us and is essential to our well-being.

These three weekends build on each other to deepen connection and partnership with the spirits of place and nature spirits that we encounter so that we make contact with the sacred that is already there a simple shift in perception and relating is all that is needed for this to occur.

Once it does an enchantment and wonder returns to our daily life as we move into a more than human world and found our authentic role within this world as we begin to think and act for the planet. 


A 6 session personal workshop that can be taken anytime. In learning the method of the shamanic journey you will learn how to safely and effectively engage with your own helping compassionate spirits as a method of guidance and problem solving. This time tested practice opens us up to build partnerships with our own helping spirits to dynamically and practically support our lives.

The six session covers the cosmology of the shamans map, we will undertake Lower and Upper world journeys, learn how to ask questions of the spirits and how to understand how they communicate with us as well as look at how to bring this wisdom practically out into our own lives. This means as a result we have a effective practice to build supportive relationships that we can call on at anytime to grow our lives.

It works best to have regular sessions with a space of one to two weeks in between to keep the momentum moving. Currently this work is offered online using Zoom/Skype and each session last around one and half to two hours. Cost for the full six session £300 paid in full or with deposit of £100 for first session then £40 paid for each the five remaining sessions.  Please contact with any questions or to arrange this workshop.