Workshops for 2024

A regular and varied list of workshops run throughout the year to support you in your life and spiritual journey. Some are purely shamanic based other workshops will support someone with an interest in nature/earth-based spirituality.

Below are details for all workshops to be offered in 2024. Please note new dates for next Remembering our Shamanic Way and Prayers Altars and Blessings Oh My which is now held over two Sundays in October and November to support bringing the practices alive !


An Introduction to Shamanism as practical support for life- Online via zoom-

Saturday/Sunday 15th/16th June 2024 10am/5pm each day. This will be an Online Workshop over both days. I look forward to welcoming you to this opening to your shamanic path. The cost for a full workshop £150/£130/£110 Please pay what is appropriate for you at this time within this scale a deposit of £60 is asked for on booking.

“The shaman works by asking for help from the spirits to assist with an issue or problem, they then bring this information back and then do something with it!”

This for me captures what shamanism is about and the shamanic journey is one of the methods that the shaman travels in the world of spirit to meet this. Working with the shamanic journey is a safe, time-tested and effective way to support and grow our lives.

Over our time together you will gain practical, working knowledge and experience of the shamanic journey helping to start to build or deepen partnerships with your own helping spirits for healing guidance and problem-solving.

The weekend includes Upper and Lower world Journeys, asking questions of the spirits and learning how to understand the answers given, working with sacred shamanic tools, ethics of journeying and working in ceremony, living with shamanism as a way of life, working with our personal power and working within nature.

At the end of the weekend, you will have clarity in the method of the journey and develop confidence to bring this as a practical spiritual support for your everyday life to work with and practice as you wish.


Sat 23rd/Sun 24th March 2024 Walking and Healing with our Personal Ancestors. 10am-5pm both days.

Sat 20th/Sun 21st July 2024 Walking and Healing with our Ancestors of Tradition. 10am-5pm both days.

Sat 19th/Sun 20th October 2024 Walking and Healing with our Collective Ancestors. 10am-5pm both days. 

Our personal, collective and our ancestors of tradition walk with us expressing themselves through us as we go about our lives. To come to know our ancestors is to know who we are as well as being a service to those ancestors yet to come. 

The more we can become aware of our ancestors, their blessings and the gifts they share with us as well as unravelling that which we hold from them that binds us, the more we can sit empowered within the circle of life sharing our own much needed unique offering. 

This set of three workshops that can be explored as a whole or individually brings an opportunity to really meet and engage with those that shaped our life and indeed gave us life. We will work with shamanic journeys, meditations, creative practices, time with our land, pilgrimage, ceremony and healing practices. 

Over this time together we begin to heal that which needs healing, finishing unfinished business, completing ancestral sacred tasks, unravelling that which needs to be unbound, as well as speaking stories that need to be told and heard, all clearing the way for those yet to come.  

Alongside this we look to see and connect deeply with the gifts and blessings we hold from our ancestral lines. We see how these can be expressed  in a greater and more empowered way. This process brings a greater flow of these offerings to us so we can use them to better our own lives and for those we share it with. 

This process opens the way for us to take our full place within the circle of life, a journey to freedom meaning purpose and one of service to those yet to come. This is a journey back to our own unique and shared divine spark bringing that which we can offer all life from this sacred place within. 

Cost for each weekend is on a sliding scale to make this both accessible and sustainable of £160/£140/£120. Or all three can be booked at the same time for a payment of £420. A simple vegan lunch will provided each day of the workshops and you are welcome to bring food to contribute and share. 

If this work with our ancestors calls to you please contact to make a booking or with any questions you may have. I look forward to share this very personal journey with you. 

PRAYER’S, ALTARS, BLESSINGS, OH MY! The creation of sacred space within and without. 

Sunday 13th October and Sunday 17th November 2024 10am-5pm both days. There will be some simple preparation for the weekend which will be sent to you a month before we begin. Each whole day with a month inbetween gives a oppurtunity to bring the ways and practices alive in your own life. Supporting you to find your own practical way that fits your life and needs. and structure.

This deeply restful, creative and nourishing weekend explores how we can support our own personal spiritual practice through creating, within ourselves and out with in the physical, a space for prayer, altars and the power of blessings. 

The sacred is only ever a thought away. In our time together we look at how to solidify these spaces from within ourselves to be seen out side so we remember to remember. Then offering a choice in how we dream our world into being from this sacred space created within ourselves.

This weekend is open to anyone with a interest and of all backgrounds and beliefs as well as those with none, its aim is simply to support and resource your own spiritual journey and life.  

Cost of Weekend offered on a sliding scale in the hope it is both accessible and sustainable of £160/£140/£120 please pay a deposit of half your chosen fee on booking.  A simple vegan lunch will be provided over both days, you are welcome to bring food to share if you wish to contribute.  


Friday 25th , Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th October 2024 10am to 5pm each day. -In Person-

Our physical death is an inevitable as well as natural part of our life’s process and yet can be a source of pain, and fear and become a block to living. The aim of this three-day workshop is to unlock a deeper understanding of our own death then find peace with this fact it can then help us to live in a richer, more dynamic and creative way.

Coming together at this time of Samhain, where in the Celtic tradition we honour our ancestors, brings an opportunity to explore with others in a safe, respectful and held way our relationship with one of the few things we can be certain of, that we will die.

What has shaped our relationship with death? What do we believe about the dying process and what happens when we die? what part does my relationship with death play in me fully living life? what awaits beyond death? what is it like to experience death?  These are some of the questions we will be exploring.

Over the three days we will work as a group and on our own with creative tasks, meditations and shamanic journeys, sharing circles, ceremonies and time out on the land. This process works to bring us closer to our own defined relationship with our death then we can explore ways that this acceptance can serve and support our life.

I have had a very present and strong relationship with death from an early age and am delighted to offer this time to share my learning and listen to your experiences and understanding so together we can move towards a life-enhancing encounter and initiation with our death, all are welcome regardless of background and beliefs.

Cost for three days £190/£170/£150 please pay what is suitable for you at this time within this scale including a vegan lunch on each day please contact to book your place or with any questions. A deposit of £60 is required with booking to secure your place.

SHAMANISM COUNSELLING ~ LEARNING THE SHAMANIC JOURNEY Individual and Group Session 2 day workshop. 

The foundation of shamanism is to build partnerships with helping compassionate spirits and the shamanic journey is the safe and effective method to achieve this. I offer a individual workshop over two days where you can learn the fundamentals of shamanism and experience the shamanic journey for yourself where you can introduce yourself and begin to develop trust in these ways and your helping spirits.

To be able to journey is a very natural ability we humans have and anyone can learn this method. Our time together will bring confidence to practice and develop these partnerships with your own helping spirits beyond our time together.

Each day is held from 10am to 5pm and can be in person and also online. This one-to-one experience is for complete beginners with no experience or for those with some experience and wishing to deepen into this work.

This workshop can be taken individually or if you have a group that wishes to learn these ways it can be offered to them, it is also possible to travel to your location for this for a group you work with or as a individual. 

The cost of the two days is on a sliding scale of £200/£180/£160 to make this both accessible and sustainable, please pay what is appropriate for your circumstances. The workshop can be booked anytime, weekdays and weekends that work for us both, please contact for bookings and with any questions.