Sacred Action


“Our relationship with the earth is the one that gives us a life of health and good well-being!”

Sacred action is a free learning and sharing circle meeting on-line 8 times a year around the festival marker points on the Celtic wheel of life. 

In these gatherings we come together to learn how we support care and enrich all life through our personal intentions and  actions, as well as with compassion shine a light on and explore the areas we fall short.

This is a invitation to those who wish to learn together in a compassionate inspiring environment how our everyday sacred actions can bring us more into alignment with our sacred intentions in how we wish to live on and treat all life on earth. We work together with the place where we can effect greatest change, our own life in simple ways.

With compassion we explore the principles of care and kindness, intuition and knowledge, sharing and abundance, truth and learning, circles and community, being and action, ethics and honour, play and wisdom.

Our next meeting will be updated very soon please keep in touch.