Shamanic Mentoring for Practitioners

I have personally been working with shamanism as a dedicated path and practice since 2006.

In that time of personal discovery and working with others, both in personal sessions and the groups I have led, as well as in my role as a supervisor to students on practitioner training courses a lot of learning and experience has been gained. I offer a shared space to support practitioners working with others and those on this journey with spirit.

My own ongoing journey has shown me that there are times when I have really needed human input. A session of mentoring can include;

A space to talk and share where you are and where you wish to be.

A space for journey work where I can journey for you or offer suggestions for journeys you may wish to take.

A space to work with creative practices to embody and ground your experiences.

A space to work through any difficulties and recognize achievements and your strengths.

I will offer any suggestions with sharing my own experiences and look to answer any questions you may have. In this way it is both practical as well as deepening our spiritual connections.

I see us in a time of a ongoing unfolding of reclaiming knowledge of these ways and practically applying this in our modern world. I offer a compassionate talking space either in person or on Zoom/Skype/phone to share what I have learnt and experienced to support your own process and learning with shamanism.

Ongoing sessions work with the process and can be up to two hours in length and I ask the fee of £85 for this time. These sessions are helping both shamanic practitioners and those on a personal shamanic path. Please contact to book your space or with any questions.