Welcome to Oakenleaf – Shamanic healing practice near Perth, Scotland

Responding to the Current Situation with Covid~19 ~ I am continuing to offer distant one to one healing sessions as well as mentoring sessions to support and find a deeper personal meaning as we navigate the current situation.

Face to Face session are now happening once more within guidelines and workshops are planned to resume as soon as is practically possible. Distant personal sessions and some workshops are offered with Zoom as a way to connect.

Grown from a call and need to keep connected I have been offering a free monthly newsletter and new moon recording since the start of the Lock-down. This circle has grown across the world and is created with the question what is needed at this time? if you would like to receive these offerings please contact me.

Welcome to the website of Oakenleaf based near Perth in Scotland offered by Brian Anderson a shamanic practitioner since 2004. I work with individuals for personal therapy and healing. I also lead workshops on shamanism and related aspects along with offering land/house healing and blessings.

I help people claim a more natural and personal rhythm with life-taking us beyond the stories and events that have shaped us leading us back to a re-enchantment with life. This process opens us to new possibilities so that we can become the ones that shape and create a life that has personal meaning and is fulfilling, creative and sustainable. We open to find our own gifts and qualities to share with our ourselves our families, communities and the land where we live.

I trained here as a shamanic practitioner in the UK with the Sacred Trust as well as the Foundation for Shamanic Studies inspired by Michael Harner work and the development of core shamanism. I also have learnt with Sandra Ingermann and had the opportunity to  learn with a number of indigenous Teachers that grew up with these ways from the Americas and my heart’s home in Ireland. I am also a qualified counselor graduating in 2006 from the University of the West of England.

I am trained in all aspects of shamanic work though my area of focus is working to resolve that which is blocking us from creating a life that works for us through ancestral healing, soul retrieval and shamanic extraction. Through this healing process we can open to create and re-gain a re-enchantment with life and develop one that supports us. Here we can transform our sacred wounds into a fuel that brings meaning and serves our personal intentions and dreams.

The work I offer I have experienced in my own healing journey and this journey has shown me that I am not bound by the stories and events of my life and with willingness and courage new possibilities have emerged as my healing story unfolds. As a result I have been able to shape a life that is creative, supports me and brings a growing contentment and joy in simple things.

Shamanism is not something that can be “done to you” it comes as an offering and blessing for your life and as such asks for your own commitment and dedication to your healing process as you integrate and bring about the changes you wish for into your everyday life.

It is a path that leads to a more authentic and creative expression of who you are though it may take courage to address that which blocks this. The work we undertake in the session offers insight and power for you to do this then it is for you to bring this offering out into your life.

If you are interested in shamanism and the way I work please contact  to book a session or with any questions via the contact page or by phone. Sessions are held in person near Perth Scotland and can be offered at a distance also.

Shamanism and You

Shamanism is a ancient healing method that has been practised across all cultures in various forms and has enjoyed a return to humanities awareness in the western world since around the 1950’s.

A definition that captures something about shamanism for me is “that while in a shamanic state of consciousness the shaman works by asking for help from the spirits, bringing this information back and then doing something with it!” In my work I attain this state of consciousness through working with the drum rattle and song.

To talk about shamanism without talking of spirit would be like an electrician working away while denying the existence of electricity. The spirits do not see us in our perceived failings, but in our authentic creative and powerful nature, and guide and invite us towards this.

When I talk about shamanism with people, I often find there is a sense of familiarity that comes through, as if the act of speaking about it unlocks a memory within our psyche – maybe this is because it has been such a part our history. It is likely that your own ancestors would have experienced these ways at some time, this is a time tested and ancient practice.

The word “shaman” comes from the Tungus language of Siberia; however, it has been practised in a local form, across all cultures, throughout the world, including here in Europe. It translates roughly as “the one who sees”, “the one who knows”, or “the one that can see in the dark”.

What it is that they see, and know well it is the spirit world. Shamans develop trusting relationship with helping compassionate spirits as partners in their healing work and learn how to navigate in these realms safely and effectively.

So, what are these spirits? My understanding is evolving with my experiences; Today I feel that what we are connecting with, and call “spirit”, is the wisdom and intelligence that creates, sustains and supports life.

Using shamanic methods this wisdom can be communicated with as we access the healing and guidance available to find solutions to the challenges we face, and questions that we bring. One of the most amazing benefits for me in practising shamanism is to feel how supported we actually are and using questions as a key the wisdom that is available.

The spirits present themselves in ways we can relate to, for example as “power animals”. As we develop a working relationship with this spirit, we ask for what we need; as we bring this guidance out into our everyday lives and see results, we develop trust in the method and our relationship with spirit.

I am, though, aware that trying to define something such as this is really difficult, and there also is a great mystery to spirit that can only come to be understood through our personal direct encounter.

I can say from experience that if you engage with shamanic methods and work in partnership with your spirits, your life will change in ways you may not of imagined and new opportunities will emerge.

From a shamanic perspective, the word “power” means that we are with spirit. To be “disempowered” from a shamanic perspective would to be with our perceived limitations and fear.

This power, though, is not over others, but self-mastery as we come to know ourselves in a deeper way. Our healing is not in isolation, but ripples out into our communities. This community though is not only people, but the land we walk upon and all life upon it.

One thing I know, through hard-won personal experience, is that it is possible to transform our lives. This happens when our willingness and openness to change meets supportive conditions, and when this happens so much more is possible.

My role as a practitioner is to create those conditions for you, and your responsibility after the session is to step back into your life in a different way – all that you need to do this will come through in the session, and will support and guide you to this.

Me and Why I do this work?

“With practice and dedication shamanism opens a new relationship with life inviting a way of being that honours the sacred and holds respect of all life helping us to see the reality of the cause of pain in the world while allowing us to see the beauty and feel the joy too” Brian Anderson

I remember my first encounter with shamanic healing – as I lay there I opened my eyes and for a moment in the candle light seeing the practitioner drumming and singing, it all felt very familiar to me and I thought this is my way I felt at home, from that moment I liked shamanism and shamanism seemed to like me.

The resulting changes that occurred after that inspired me to train in these ways and I have worked with individuals since 2004 and groups since 2008. In my own life shamanism is very much a practical support for me – now when I am challenged I can turn to shamanic methods that bring a different perspective of the compassionate helping spirits as to what is going on and how to find practical ways to move forward.

In my own life I have experienced a number of traumatic and distressing events which have impacted my life greatly and are the reason I came to a healing path – I really needed relief from my distress and my own awakening really took off in 1999.

As a result of my ongoing healing process these events no longer hold power over me. Shamanism has been the catalyst to let go of these experiences and find a inner strength and flow with life and with the support and wisdom of spirit in a helping partnership I have been able to shape a life that works for me.

Nature has always been a immense support for me as a child it was the place I want to be as it still is today. When my own healing process began the call from the natural world came and so much healing and insight has come to me simply by deepening my connection with the land in physical and spiritual ways. My own shamanism is rooted in natural cycles both our own and the natural worlds.

In my professional life I am a qualified counsellor graduating from the University of West of England and have worked as this as well as a trainer and group facilitator for over 12 years. This was In education and health care settings, alongside the NHS as well as in restorative justice with our young people. While I no longer work in this way I uphold the ethics of the profession.

Meeting Shamanism changed the course of my life and brought a deep connection and acceptance of both my gifts and my shadow. The integration of these has brought peace creativity and joy and where once the traumatic events of my life I once dragged behind me they now serve the work I offer.

I believe shamanism offers a new hope and vision for individuals as well as our society as a whole. I am inspired by the courage of people that come as they heal from there own challenges and I love to lead workshops showing students the possibilities that await as we learn to safely and effectively navigate the world of spirit.

The sacred activism events I offer are a way to serve and deepen our connection to our home the earth from a earth centred perspective in a supportive partnership with spirit these free events I am excited to expand in time and I see as a contribution to the awakening that is occurring for humanity at this time.

I share our home with my wife, cat Lilly and a tortoise Buggle and am a companion to Bees, here we all live just outside Perth city and I just love this amazing land of Scotland. Coming to live here has been another home coming, a move that logically made no sense but intuitively needed to be done, I am glad we all listened to this intuitive and spirit led call.

I have a daily practice that includes prayer and meditation, shamanic work, walking with nature, exercise and yoga. I practice Ahimsa (the way of non-harm) as well as my creative practices with writing and music. I play the guitar, recorder and am learning keyboards.

I have been published writing articles on shamanism, animism and nature based topics in Indie shaman as well as other magazines and blogs. Currently I am learning exploring and researching the traditional healing ways of our land here in Scotland and see how these are effective for modern times. I am learning in such a transient world to put roots and connect and build a sacred relationship with the land you live on has great benefit for human and all that live on that land also.

In offering myself as a shamanic practitioner I feel its important you have a sense of who I am and why I do this and hope these words meet this for you and may all blessings be yours, I wish you well in your life’s journey.

Your Session

Sessions are held in a dedicated space, created and built in ceremony and partnership with spirit, so that the building can be in harmony with the land it is now a part off.

When we make a decision to change or let go of something, the healing process has begun, as we ask and are opening ourselves up to something new and different to come forward into our lives and awareness.

Arranging a session can be seen as a commitment to the decision you have made, as you are taking action to follow this through. The session will then become a part of your healing process. As with all healing, it is driven by your intention and is an active process asking for your participation.

Therefore, it will be helpful to prepare with some simple practices to support you before we meet. I have found this helps the session greatly, and I encourage you to engage with them:

Firstly, to be with nature and on the land as much as possible before the session. While out there, try to sense that, as you go, you are being seen by nature itself – there you may wish to ask and contemplate the following questions.

  • Why am I coming to shamanism at this time?
  • What is it I am searching and hoping for, or looking to change or let go of?
  • What is my vision and feeling of how I would like my life to be?

The asking is as important as getting the answer, as it opens us up, so do not worry if you do not have complete clarity consider what happens when you ask these questions. It will also help to be aware of any dreams you have, and any synchronicities or omens you encounter.

Finally, the night before we meet, as you go to sleep ask for a dream that will support you in our work the next day. As you wake, take a moment to give thanks for your life and all that is to come.

There really is no typical session; each is a unique meeting, and I work with each person in different ways, depending on your needs, and by asking and listening to spirit. Together we co-create the session; my role is to act as a facilitator and holder of the space and to bring the healing through to you from spirit.

Before you arrive I will have prepared the space so that it is dedicated to your healing and wellbeing. This creates a safe and sacred place that holds and will support the work we are about to engage with.

There will be time to talk and let you settle when you arrive, and again afterward there will be a time to talk where I will share any healing stories and practices that support the integration of the healing as well as to make sure you’re ready and grounded, as you re-engage with your life now in a new and different way.

I feel it is important to support you both before and after, so once we have both committed to the session, I am here to support you to help integrate the work done and answer any questions or to listen to your experiences.

Sessions tend to last an hour and a half to two hours, though I will always work with your process as it unfolds, which may be more or less in this time frame.I offer sessions on all days and it will help if you can have a relaxed day afterwards if you can get out into nature this will be a great support.

I ask the fee of £75  each session. Please bring cash or a cheque on the day. I do offer a reduced fee of £50 if your circumstances are such. I have found it useful to have at least two sessions to support your healing and integration.

Sacred Activism


The need for Sacred Activism is very relevant in these unique times, as we take care of ourselves and each others we can see this as a form of sacred activism, our social distancing is a act of love, as soon as we are able and we can come together these events will be up and running as a contribution to social activism for our world. I will continue to engage with this work and look forward to welcome you as soon as is practically possible.

We live in a time where our world on one level is a place with many injustices and conflicts causing so much suffering and destruction. The way we are treating each other and the natural world both individually and as a society cannot be sustainable.

In direct response to this are calls for a non-violent and compassionate action led by a deeper wisdom as to how we act and live out our lives. Many amazing and creative projects are happening across the world so what can we on a spiritual path do to be a part of this?

This work of “sacred activism”, has grown out of partnership with the land, spirit and a desire to offer a response to the harm being caused. We use ceremony and spiritual practice that helps us into a earth-centered way of looking at issues that we are personally and collectively facing to find solutions from a spiritual perspective. This brings another branch to other forms of social activism that are present in our society.

We do this in a considered and ethical way so that we are clear our actions support all life. I see shamanism offering new hope and vision for individuals as well as our society as a whole for as we individually change everything around us changes as well thus seemingly small actions have a impact on the collective.

It is a big task of our time but one we all can play a part in. The purpose of these events is to find inspiration for us to act in a new way of purpose and understanding, a way that sustains life. We bring healing and transformation on a personal level and open to this globally re-weaving the web of life while creating a community that supports us in our quest.

Each of the events below brings an opportunity of deeper connection and relationship with ourselves as an expression of nature and all life. From this place of personal insight, we hold a vision for what can be and offer this out to manifest.

No experience is needed, your open heart and mind with a willingness are all you are asked to bring. All events can be attended in person or participated at a distance and all events are free to attend;

please contact me for further information.


Upcoming dates Sunday 4th July 2021 7pm-please contact for details if your interested in joining from a distance

“There is no better “manager” of nature than nature itself”

In “Natures Sovereignty” we drop into a deeper level of connection with ourselves as part of the natural world. If we can gain experience of ourselves as nature that we are off the earth itself, related and connected with all life, what kind of world would that be?

This has been a lived experience for humans many eons ago, however, if our kind has lived this in the past then this wisdom exists within us today, and may well be the power that is leading many at this time and in so many ways to seek and live this again.

This event is an opening to experience this homecoming though not as it was for our ancient ancestors but drawing on the power of their inherent wisdom we use this to guide us to our own connection effective for now and our modern world within the sanctuary of our wild and free nature.

If we can be in connection with the earth and see what we do to it we do to ourselves to act in service of the earth follows in a more natural and empowered way. Natures Sovereignty creates a space where we connect with and can see and feel ourselves as part of nature and then serve the earth from that place.


Upcoming dates Sunday 1st August 7pm

The world of the beehive is described as a “super-organism” where each individual bee works for the collective group of bees. This is a great metaphor for how we can live out our own lives. Shamanic cultures understood this wisdom for humans and we have much to learn from the bees as a result.

This ceremony both honours the Bee and how they shape our world as well as opening us to seek learning from the Bees. We use shamanic methods to develop a partnership with the spirit of the Bees where their wisdom is gifted in how we can develop our own mind of the hive moving into a more connected and a relationship of integrity with all life.


Upcoming Dates Sunday 29th August 7pm-please contact for details if your interested in joining from a distance.

“Once something is held in our thoughts and then spoken it exists”

We can so often be fed in our everyday negative and violent images and words that it has almost become normal. This work within this dedicated circle brings a balance and challenge to this hypnosis.

The action of prayer opens the way for new possibilities, a place we can express gratitude and find hope for a way of life that is in harmony and with power. Holding a vision for a world that upholds peace, respect and compassion for all life is a important practice for the times we live in.

Working in an intentional and sacred circle with the support of spirit and our companions brings power to our prayers and vision for our world. Holding a deep silence with this focus we bring through our desires and hopes for this way and give a voice for the world we wish to live in both for ourselves our families, communities and the generations yet to come.

This simple practice brings a new hope into the world and supports us so we have the courage to live this in our own lives and be the very change we wish for in the world.