Your Session

Sessions are held in a dedicated space, created and built in ceremony and partnership with spirit, so that the building can be in harmony with the land it is now a part off.

When we make a decision to change or let go of something, the healing process has begun, as we ask and are opening ourselves up to something new and different to come forward into our lives and awareness.

Arranging a session can be seen as a commitment to the decision you have made, as you are taking action to follow this through. The session will then become a part of your healing process. As with all healing, it is driven by your intention and is an active process asking for your participation.

Therefore, it will be helpful to prepare with some simple practices to support you before we meet. I have found this helps the session greatly, and I encourage you to engage with them:

Firstly, to be with nature and on the land as much as possible before the session. While out there, try to sense that, as you go, you are being seen by nature itself – there you may wish to ask and contemplate the following questions.

  • Why am I coming to shamanism at this time?
  • What is it I am searching and hoping for, or looking to change or let go of?
  • What is my vision and feeling of how I would like my life to be?

The asking is as important as getting the answer, as it opens us up, so do not worry if you do not have complete clarity consider what happens when you ask these questions. It will also help to be aware of any dreams you have, and any synchronicities or omens you encounter.

Finally, the night before we meet, as you go to sleep ask for a dream that will support you in our work the next day. As you wake, take a moment to give thanks for your life and all that is to come.

There really is no typical session; each is a unique meeting, and I work with each person in different ways, depending on your needs, and by asking and listening to spirit. Together we co-create the session; my role is to act as a facilitator and holder of the space and to bring the healing through to you from spirit.

Before you arrive I will have prepared the space so that it is dedicated to your healing and wellbeing. This creates a safe and sacred place that holds and will support the work we are about to engage with.

There will be time to talk and let you settle when you arrive, and again afterward there will be a time to talk where I will share any healing stories and practices that support the integration of the healing as well as to make sure you’re ready and grounded, as you re-engage with your life now in a new and different way.

I feel it is important to support you both before and after, so once we have both committed to the session, I am here to support you to help integrate the work done and answer any questions or to listen to your experiences.

Sessions tend to last an hour and a half to two hours, though I will always work with your process as it unfolds, which may be more or less in this time frame.I offer sessions on all days and it will help if you can have a relaxed day afterwards if you can get out into nature this will be a great support.

I ask the fee of £75  each session. Please bring cash or a cheque on the day. I do offer a reduced fee of £50 if your circumstances are such. I have found it useful to have at least two sessions to support your healing and integration.


I also offer healing days over one, two or three days which gives an opportunity to really explore and deepen into bringing through what is needed for you and your evolving life at this time. These have been useful for people in times of transition or going through or desiring a change of direction in life.

We will work together for your healing needs throughout the day or days (10am-5pm) as well as how to enhance wellbeing and with the integration and practical application of your spiritual life beyond the day. Please contact me to talk through your needs and for further details, the fee per day is £140.