Our Lives Through Spirits Eyes-Shamanic Counselling

“The spirits see us in our magnificance and the life we are here to be, engaging with them invites us to step ever closer to this, to that which lies beyond our percieved failings and shortcomings”

The shamanic Journey gives us a insight to the view of our lives from the perspective of our own helping compassionate spirits. It offers help guidance healing and an ability to see the bigger picture and solve problems in the everyday with the help of the spirits.

Over the years I have noticed a challenge to work with the information we receive in our journeys. Within the modern world we have not grown up in a culture that supports a shamanic or animistic world view. However it is something that is part of our ancestery and within each of us awaiting for us to reclaim it.

I offer a process of shamanic counselling to support you in this process of asking for help from the spirits, then taking the shamanic journey setting the intention to support our quest, on return then listening and understanding this help finally implementing it in our lives.

To be able to work with this process you would need to be able to undertake a shamanic journey to your spirit allies in the Upper and Lower worlds, if you need to learn this method we can discuss this I am able to teach you this or direct you to other professional practitioners and workshops.

How the Process of Shamanic Counselling Works

We can meet either in person or over zoom to discuss the help you need, together forming a intention to bring to the spirits asking for their help this becomes our quest in the journey we take. I will then drum for you to take this journey on your return after making notes we will explore and discuss what has been revealed together.

We then agree to meet in a weeks time over the week you will go over and contemplate the information offered by the journey each day to deepen into the offerings and blessings it brings to you. This process really deepens and takes us to the heart of connection with the helping compassionate spirits that support us and the gifts they generously give to us.

There is no time limit on the number of sessions you wish for we can work on one journey till you feel it has given you all you need. It may also be that other journeys open up from the inital journey we can honour the process and let it lead where it leads.

I have always felt the depth in one shamanic journey we take in this way brings a rich and deep resource of information for us uncover this process is a offering to uncover the help we need to live a life in partnership with the helping spirits.

I was told something by the spirits in my first journey in 2006 that still has resonence for me today. This process helps you to understand how the spirits communicate with you directly and how to bring this into your own life. This wisdom is available to us all as a remembering and reclaiming of this ancient way that is ours to embrace.

Please allow 2 hours for the full process for this time I ask the fee on a sliding scale of £85/ £75/£65/£55 please contact with any questions and to book the sessions. The process works best weekly though can be taken over a fortnight also.