Bee Alchemy

I have been learning from bees for a few years now, the more I engage in this learning experience the more I am in awe of the bees with the mind of the hive and the service to the whole, this is changing my own relationship to life and land. Bee Alchemy is one of the sacred activism events that I offer, in this we work to connect as students of the bees to learn of there ways. How we treat another is how we treat ourselves and this includes the earth we live on. The bees meet the world in a different way to how we as humans are generally. I have come to understand with observation and journeying that they are aware of the interconnectedness of all life and respond to this with there tireless service to the whole as “I” becomes “We”. Intuitively I feel ants live in a similar way and offer us learning here also. The bee Alchemy work invites us to learn from with the bees and absorb and embody this wisdom which once was humans way too so is held within us to awaken and bring this out into the world in practical ways. We are invited to step off the ladder and back into the circle of life. The hive is a holy place to learn this blessing.