In Honour of Ancestors

I have noticed over the last weeks that I have been spontaneously speaking of my ancestors at various opportunities. A sign that the power of Samhain is rising up to be expressed as this is a time for the ancestors to be remembered. I have a altar in our home that honours the ancestors so its is part of my regular practice but at this time of Samhain this grows and the focus is stronger. In many ways so much of my healing journey has been about learning about the stories of the ancestors and how this is played out in me. To transform the wounds and honour their gifts that I hold one such gift was celebrated today. I am just back from a walk over 14km around Loch Levan here in Perthshire. The day was Dreich with regular Sumps of rain (Scots for it was a grey day with down pours of heavy rain). The wind was howling and fierce carrying the regular calls of the geese and songs of the swans as their wings fly with the wind. In the time I was out I only met three people accompanied by their dogs who like me were enjoying this extreme weather. This willingness to be out on the land in all weathers is a gift from my father who as a young child encouraged this. I recall one Christmas day when I was about seven out walking in a snow storm hearing under the winds “I am glad were out in this” “why?” I shrieked, “so we can experience it” This attitude he gave to me, which goes beyond a walk in a storm has been a blessing in many areas of my life. Now back in the warm and dry I feel very alive and like I have been through a profound experience shaped in some way by this time with the elements and the land. Over the weekend of November 23rd/24th I am offering a Introductory to shamanism weekend “Remembering our Shamanic Way” here we will explore and learn practical effective and safe methods of engaging with shamanism as a support for our lives. Full details are up on the website please get in touch if you would like to come or with any questions. Reclaiming shamanism for ourselves as natural practice of this land and across all cultures, can be seen as a gift for the ancestors of the future. New possibilities in our relationship with ourselves others and nature open and become reality. So in honour of the ancestors across the veil and for those yet to come I continue to deepen into the blessings of these ways.