We don’t have the answers!?!

The spiritual world is not separate to our physical reality somehow it seems to flow in and through it, so personal and global issues can be addressed by an effective spiritual practice. The senseless murder of George Floyd in America this week by a policeman and the failed response by the political world has shown the ever present deep wounds in our culture. People have taken to the streets to protest and bring there pain and voice to this tragedy. In some places the police have gone down on one knee in support of the protest in others violence has opened up, this way will never solve the issue, meeting violence with violence is not a solution what we do to another we do to ourselves. I have listened to the people speak, we are saying the same things I said in my protesting days as a young man in the 70s/80s and the same things the generation before me said and the same that has been said since, it seems we are stuck in a loop! So what are we to do how are we to respond and step out of this loop? I feel angry at yet another senseless killing of a man George Floyd this deep injustice in our culture triggers my own personal stories of injustice, what I can do is my own healing around this personal issue and use the anger purposefully. How are we together going to step out of this loop so that the generations to come do not repeat the stories of my lifetime and the one before me. Our culture which is largely a uninitiated one, as it stands does not have the answers, can we admit this to ourselves? The interlink between social and environmental justice is strong and there is just not a willingness to deeply address this. If we do not have the answers or the willingness to address the issues then what are we to do? We could begin by finding the courage to admit we do not know, we do not collectively have the answers, then we find the questions we need to ask and turn back to spirit for the answers, just as our ancestors once did so the community could survive! Are we ready as a society to do this, have we had enough? I am not that naïve to think this is will be seen as way out by many, but it is for me, personally turning to spirit with my questions transformed my life when I did not know what to do and at that time my life and sanity was on the line, there are spiritual solutions to personal and humanities problems which is also interlinked. I will keep on with my sacred activism work and hold this vision for our culture, this will be my activism today, my prayer is the generations that are to come do not say the same things that we have been saying for way too long now. Spiritual practice needs to be practical for it to be effective shamanism being one of them and there are other methods to transform lives and evidence to support this. It takes humility willingness and dedication, it is possible though, I have seen this often in this work and personal healing effects all that we encounter in our daily lives such is the interlink and connection. May we each find our way and may our personal and collective wounds be healed so that peace and wisdom can have its day.