Fire of Transformation!


We are certainly in unique times, a time when we have become very aware of how fragile life can be. A time when I have witnessed the challenges and seen how we as humans respond. I also have been deeply touched by the kindness and coming together in our communities. Here is a simple meditation that can support you during this time that works with both the challenge and the love being shared.  If you work with shamanic journeying or meditation or visulization or even sitting with a candle or fire this will still be effective. When working with fire a powerful element and one that transforms, we need to be responsible and if working with a live flame treat fire with the respect it needs, never leave a fire unnattended and keep safe.

First take some breathes and let yourself settle into the space-give yourself some space and time switch the phone off and relax into this space. Create a sacred space in the way you do if you are unsure simply light a candle and work with your intention to create a sacred space- maybe light some incense, sing a song or chant or sit in silence, let your intention feed the space.

Connect with the fire from your heart simply drop into your heart and send this to the fire feel this connection to this sacred living spirit of fire an ancient companion of humanity. Then speak out loud any fears, grief, judgments, anger that you hold asking the fire to transform this.

Once this is done then keeping the connection to the fire feel within your body joy, love and heart felt wonder you feel, let it rise up, simply thinking of things you are gratful for or acts of kindness that have moved you will help to get in touch with this feeling then give it to the fire letting it radiate out into the world, start with your household the place where you live then keep this going out into thr circle of humanity we are part off beyond the pain is our place of joy.

Then if this feels the time to claim this for yourself you may wish to speak these words ” I am a person with power I have the resources and skills to navigate these times” or any other empowering words for yourself.

Then here is a song you may wish to join in with

“Fire transform me, lead me to my passion” “Fire transform me, Lead me to my passion” ” I choose life, YES! I choose courage, I choose life YES! I courage to dance and sing my way”

Take a moment of silence and let all settle then give thanks to the fire our ancestors and to yourself for showing up and the service you have offered to your fellow companions.

Off course the aim of our spiritual practice is to support us in our everday encounters in the world. I know over time I am making progress in this and daily practice has been essential. So as we leave the space you could make a committment to yourself that in choosing life that you find the courage to let the best of you into the world and let this radiate out.





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