How can we respond?

We are certainly living in unique times and are being called to respond in new and creative ways as we are pushed outside of our comfort zones.  So how do we respond to this? This may be one of the few things that we have choices in it is both a challenging time but one that brings opportunities. As a middle world teacher one aspect of this for me is to hold hope, not in a false positivity kind of way but in a grounded and realistic way.  As a species we are facing big challenges as we become aware just how vulnerable our lives really are.  In a few days the whole structure of the society has changed.  I have been self isolating since the beginning of February due to an accident I had on my bike and in one moment my life also went from a very clear direction into one of vulnerability and a greater dependence on others.  I have had  outstanding care from the NHS what a blessing this is in our society.  My wife, friends and colleagues too have been there for me in so many ways.  The space this accident has given me has led me to seek help from spirit in new and dynamic ways.  This experience has challenged me but with support, time to get through ranges of emotions that have risen up my fears, my frustration my grief and sadness  and with a slowing down of life appreciation of the great beauty in my life the joy and gratitude for simple things.  So now across the world we are all being asked to respond in new ways! Beyond the fear and panic within us all there is a place of calm and  peace and there are many ways to get access this place; the slowing down of life will help us get there or we may use meditation or a simple walk in nature once we are there we may wish to ask ourselves some questions that I have found helpful in my own challenge.  What are the opportunities for me at this time?  What are the qualities and strengths that I have to bring to myself to those I love and to my community?  What are the resources available to me in both the physical and spiritual worlds?  How do I allow myself to receive help and how do I offer help?Once we ask questions and be open to listen for the answers however they come to us we open to new possibilities. As the questions act like keys unlocking wisdom within us.  We are all in this together and how we respond calling on the resources we have and the attitude we bring to this situation is where our individual power lies.  It is a time where we really need to come together and although physically we cannot do this we can find creative ways to make this happen.  A time for kindness, time for compassion, a time generosity, a time for unity and in experiencing our vulnerability as human beings, maybe this is an opportunity for a new society born out of the current challenge.   Energy goes we’re attention flows this has been a very helpful practice for me since I first heard this.  If I focus on the very real pain that is in my arm as a result of the accident then I am in pain and this will impact me and everyone around me .However if I focus on the resources opportunity and healing then my day goes in a different direction which also ripples out around me.  It simply comes down to how I respond to the complexities of being human if I can make space to become aware and see what’s going on  maybe I am able to respond in a kind and compassionate way.  All workshops and sacred activism events are currently postponed however I am looking into ways to offer learning opportunities and spaces for us to come together during this time.  Shamanism still is effective outside of time and space so we have many opportunities to meet in this way.  I wish each of us strength and creativity and flexibility as we navigate our way through this time.  The willow that we planted earlier this year is coming into bud, the frog spawn is in the pond right on time and the rookery in our village is very alive and as I walk my ear is awaiting the sound of the Chiffchaff the first migrant to return to this land.  All around spring is awakening. I love witnessing this phenomena of the natural world and we are part of that too!  May the blessing and wisdom of spring touch us all.  Each morning at 7.00 AM and each evening at 7.00 PM I will be in my regular personal prayer circle you’re most welcome to join me where ever you are.  There is no set format it is simply a time to come together and intuitively respond and bring through what is needed the power and strength is in our unity as we move from I to we.

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