Where Shamanism Leads!

Over the years shamanism and ceremony has brought me to a direct and ever deepening encounter with nature as living and sacred. So how does this help me in my everyday life? Well when I stumble, falter and fall in my daily doings this encounter makes the journey back to my centre, creativity and power so much clearer and easier to navigate. This week I was in a situation where I listened to people highly critical of climate activism, describing it as a cult as well as questioning if there is a problem at all. Science and people across the world offer a conflicting view however shamanism gives us a opportunity to find our own truth and power. In my own work if I feel and observe how we are treating our home the Earth and all life upon it including each other it is clear to me that there is a issue we need to address! I see Shamanism as a branch of activism and of this awakening addressing these issues and offering spiritual solutions beyond our personal lives. I asked in a shamanic journey earlier this year about a possible climate disaster and the answer came “if we told you would it stop you planting the trees, working with ceremony and your healing work with people and the land” my answer was clear I am simply to carry on in my work because it is my work and what else am I to do but follow my heart. This encounter with the sacred through shamanic ways and ceremony supports inspires and brings me back practically to a reality that has been with me since I was a child. It also offers this old but new dynamic and creative relationship with nature our earth and each other in what I see as our community to all, as it leads us to release what does not and integrate what does support our lives and contribution to the whole, and we all have one to offer. In response to this and my wish to offer a learning experience for this I have a number of workshops planned to open and deepen to this encounter and to learn practical ways of working with nature as a living and visible face of spirit. I also am offering a course on learning the shamanic journey as a opening to this path and a pragmatic method of engaging with spirit. Full details on my website www.oakenleaf.co.uk

COMMUNION WITH TREES a nine month course starting Saturday 29th September 2019 opening to a animistic relationship with Trees of our land. REMEMBERING OUR SHAMANIC WAY a weekend course to learn and use the shamanic journey as method to support daily life held on the weekend of November 23rd/24th. MEETING THE LAND AS SPIRIT  a three day course on the weekend of 27th/28th/29th March 2020 over these day we will work with nature as many shamanic cultures understand as the “visible face of spirit” and that includes us! On the Saturday evening we will have a ceremony with the land. ELEMENTAL JOURNEY a series of five day workshops to deepen and work with over a years cycle the five elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit, starting with Air on Sunday 22nd March 2020.


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