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I am just back from a amazing adventure on the Isle of Rhum here on the west coast of Scotland. There are many stories I will tell over time about the silence and power of the land or the wildlife I encounterd but those are for another day.

I camped at the edge of a sea lock sleeping with the bellowing roars of rutting Red Deer stags. Often my first view on waking was of Eider ducks or Mergansers as I greeted the day which started with a fire for warmth food and focus. Being on such powerful land and having no schedule and for that matter phone signal really helped me to become present.

On my third day a westerly storm was coming and torrential rain forcast as this force of nature built momentum the winds growing and rain arriving I watched my mind, “what if this happens, what if that happens, what if the tent blows away…?” it raced away on and on.

I then dropped down into my heart and my bodies story, I found I was really happy and content, and I mean really happy and content and I felt very connected. I chose to stay with this, and with confidence let my mind know all precautions have been made and all is well.

I enjoyed the storm in the night being on the land in all its wildness and woke to the peace of the next day and yes all was well. As I left Rhum I again saw a Golden Eagle soaring above and made a promise to bring this awareness and wisdom into my everyday life.

How can I make space each day, so I do not get caught up in a drama of my mind’s making and drop into my heart to a deeper and truer way of life?

On the 24th/25th November I am offering a “Introduction to Shamanic Ways” workshop, where we will explore the question of how can this ancient practice of shamanism help me in my everyday life? Shamanism as a practice takes us deeper within ourselves unlocking deeper truths for our lives and practical support . For more details and booking see workshop page on www.oakenleaf.co.uk or please contact me.


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