Welcome to Oakenleaf, the offering of our work here is a vision for all life and in this we include humanity, it is one of nature; to unlock our own unique nature and find the resouces to express this and to come home to ourselves as nature.

I do not underestimate the challenge presented in this as we live in a world that does not always support or value natures expression. Yet many of the challenges are as a result of this falling away from nature and we have created a society that lives in a unatural way with many stresses and strains as a result.

In my own journey this ongoing deepening of nature is one that has both enhanced and given me life. The practice of  Shamanism offers a life affirming process that respects and upholds all life and offers oppurtunties to live in a more natural and harmonoius way thus enhancing our own wellbeing on all levels.

Oakenleaf is a expression of my own nature and a offering in service to life that goes on giving and teaching me so much. Shamanism has led me back to what I already knew but for many reasons was unable to trust and express, but now am able to do so.

If this work speaks to you and you feel the way I work can help you, do get involved, there will be regular blogs here, workshops, sacred activism events, as well as individual sessions.